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[Pinned] SwgRogueOne Rules and Policies

*Terms of Service - RogueOne Rules and Policies*
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[Pinned] About this Section

A place for guilds to advertise for recruiting purposes. One advetisement per guild please.
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Saviors of SWG <SAV>

Looking for motivated folks who are into everything PvP!Bounty Hunting, Group PvP, Guild Wars!Not elitists by any means, we accept anyone and everyone!At the moment we're rolling Rebel being it looks like they're the underdogs.We are committed to ...
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IAF Guild

IAF, Ice and Fire is a Rebel Guild with 3 cities. The main city is on Tat called Resistance, More Resistance on nabbo, and a new one going up on Talus.We are looking for good people that like to do it all! Crafting, Bunkers 2 to 3 times a week, pl...
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(BSP) Black Sun Pirates

Join (BSP)Black Sun Pirates. We are a very free form guild,follow or just hang out as you wish.We also do readily accept new players to SWGEmu and actively help them learn the game, get equipped and leveled up as soon as possible.We are a open gui...
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&lt;CRIME&gt; Corellian Rebellion Interplanetary Militia &amp; Enterprises is a smaller Rebel/Neutral PVE/PVP/RP/Crafting guild that is ran out of Black Market on Corellia. We are currently on the lookout for a few outstanding criminals to join ou...
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BH > Clan De'shad

We are a bounty hunter guild that is mostly imperial but accepting neutral faction members. You are allowed to bring any character in the guild Bounty Hunter or not. We do not hunt jedi in the guild. We currently have a city on Mandalore. Send Ca...
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<CTRL> Out of Control

#13029840 Firecracker wrote:OUT OF CONTROL &lt;CTRL&gt;FACTION: Neutral (We accept players from all factions).FOCUS: Like stated in the original post we are mostly focused on high end PvE and crafting but have people interested in PvP as well. We...
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