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[Pinned] PVP Drama
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[Pinned] PVP Drama

The rules governing WHAT IS and WHAT IS NOT allowed are clearly posted in the within the Forum rules and policies.That said: If you are Special Forces (SF) and you are killed, for ANY reason that is not covered by the servers posted rules and poli...
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[Pinned] SwgRogueOne Rules and Policies

*Terms of Service - RogueOne Rules and Policies*
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Calling All Rebels

ALL able body Rebel Alliance combatants must come together! If you are looking to liberate the galaxy from the 83.45% imperial domination, we must work together... HRA, IAF, CHAOS, and free lancers, drop your play times & toons here!Lasta - IM...
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Temp. PVP Channel

I've setup an in-game chat channel to keep PVP discussions and anything that could be seen as 'targeted attacks' out of the General and other Public chat channels.Type '/chatroom join' into the command box and it should creat...
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Future PvP Events

Hey guys,So I wanted to make this post to reassure you that I haven't forgotten about the PvP community. I do have some fun ideas for PvP events and they will involve more than just arena style fighting. Some might be movie reenactments, others mi...
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Marine finally won

Blacksun finally had enough!!!
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Highlander PvP Tournament

Was thinking about trying to run something like this and figured I would see if there was any interest here....Highlander PvP TournamentImagine a tournament that does not require that you are uber or leet, or even require you to show up at a speci...
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Warning To Rebel Jedi From <ELITE>

These were discussed and agreed upon in order to promote fun and healthy PvP on this Server. Keep in mind there may be *SOME* exceptions to this but we will try our best to adhere to these guidelines for everyone's enjoyment. #1, If you come i...
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