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Forums » What's New on the Server!
by mrsthornes on Apr 22, 2022 at 07:18 PM

We are happy to have returned to the galaxy! Here is a list of some of custom content you will find here:

Custom Professions
Mechanic - craft over 30 vehicles!
Miner – craft a creature harvester and high BER harvesters!
Antique Dealer – craft fun deco items including over 100 new paintings!
Blacksmith – craft all NGE Armor
Arsonist – craft all NGE Weapons
Badge Hunter – custom titles AND collect tokens to purchase deco items with more items being added soon!
ShapeShifter – coming soon!
Jedi Journeyman
Jedi Knight

Jedi Island – Jedi unlock system
Craft 5th Gen Sabers

Character Species List:
Singing Mountain Clan
Kel Dor
Bith Talz
Magna Guard – coming soon!

A Few of our Quality of Life Changes (and other items):
Updated AI Force Cost – Force cost has been increased to 1000 FC
Update HealAllSelf1 – Force Cost changed to 200 FC
Update HealAllSelf2 – Force Cost changed to 250 FC
Journeyman Rejuvenate – Force Cost changed to 4425 Heal Amount 100% of HAM
Buff Terminals – 1500 HAM both primary and secondary stats plus ENT for 1000 credits
Tailor – craft NGE backpacks, Jedi Robes, Capes & Hats
Resource Containers increased to 1mil units instead of 100K
Max Factory Crates to 1000
Factory craft times decreased to 3 seconds
Crafting Prototypes take 1 second
Increased Crafting XP
Clothing Attachment Name in Description
Global Invites
Player Signs for houses
Added Resources to Survey Droid Email
Allowed 6 Missions
Choose Mission direction and Mission level from Mission Terminal
Description of missions include creature and level
Increased Survey tool to 1024
Increased Building Inventory to 1000 items
15 NEW Faction Ranks
SF change to 30 seconds
Morph Kits on Faction Recruiters for PVP
Upgraded Scout Camps – working at intended

Special Quests & Bunkers
Clone Armor Quest – Mandalor
Commando Quest
Ranger Quest
Trophy Quest
Survey Tool Quest
Ranger Hut Quest
Clone Trooper Armor Quest
Imperial Prison
Night Sister Crash Site
Binayre Bunker
Darth Cadeous - Mandalor 7368 242
Vizsla Hideout - Mandalor 435 7530

Death Rock the Impaler

Location: Waypoint -1635, 4870 Endor
Fast Travel:
- Fast Travel Dude (Wolten Kinhara)
- Waypoint -2651, 2193 Mos Espa
- Select "Wolten, it's time for an adventure!" then "Death Rock The Impaler (Endor)"
Dungeon Level of Difficulty: Hard
Members Recommend: 5 or more

Death Rock Mr. Roboto

Location: Waypoint -1676, 4901 Endor
Fast Travel:
- Fast Travel Dude (Wolten Kinhara)
- Waypoint -2651, 2193 Mos Espa
- Select "Wolten, it's time for an adventure!" then "Death Rock The Impaler (Endor)"
Dungeon Level of Difficulty: Easy/Medium
Members Recommend: 1-3 (or more)

* Just a helpful hint...Do not go running into a room...bad things will happen...You have been warned!!!
Forums » Test Bug Report
by Sintas Vel - SA on Nov 17, 2017 at 08:00 AM
We are currently testing several items in test. 1. The items on the Test Center may or may not all make it Server Side Live. (These items are being tested not only to verify that they work but for viability in game.)2. The items on Test Center may... Read More